Perfectionism - the killer of businesses


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"Being a perfectionist is torment for a creative mind"


Perfection and creativity don't mix. Like oil and water, however much you shake that bottle the two will always separate and be at odds. You are looking for a solution, but all you have is a suspension (yeah yeah, I know my science...)

So let's get this straight off the bat: Perfectionists are never happy with what they produce. They measure their own self-worth against what they do, not who they are or what they've achieved.

Perfectionists set themselves impossible goals and are unable to keep up with the inner demand or nagging voice telling them to do better, so they often neglect their own self care and get behind on the mountain of work because their energy is focused on the wrong areas.

Business feels abrasive and clients are left waiting... if they are even managing to get bookings, that is.


The perfectionist feels anxious and so stressed 24/7. The world weighs so heavy on their shoulders.

Those who strive for excellence see the possibilities of a continuing journey. They focus on bringing their ideas to life with inspiration and courage, every day brings positivity and new ideas.

Because those who pursue excellence feel on top of everything, they are able to focus on attracting new clients and making the experience amazing for them.

Clients are treated like royalty and no stone is left un-turned. The future and possibility of business growth is exciting

Those who focus on excellence find their business grows by passion and reputation and not only that, it grows fast: Excellence brings your attention to what is working well and enables you ditch anything that isn't working, allowing you to focus your energy on progression.

Excellence is limitless! You can always reach higher! The future will always feel exciting and the present will always feel content.

If you're unsure which camp you fall into, let me ask you. You think about your business, how does it feel?

• Perfectionism feels like internal fear, failure and never satisfied. The need to concentrate 100% on one small task takes over everything else that needs doing, leaving you behind.

• Excellence feels like achievement, being on top of things and knowing there is room to improve when you get your next idea. Excellence means you have a lot on the go, but you're managing most things and have a good mentality towards your business and home life.

If you are a perfectionist, making the switch to striving for excellence is quite simple... It's a case of being mindful of your thinking behavior:

Instead of trying to achieve 100% unattainable perfection on each small single task, go for 90% and focus on a standard of excellence all round.

Keep things simple. This means you can get way more done in your working time, just by focusing on a standard of excellence instead of perfection.


Perfection doesn't exist... ok? Just be excellent.





Allow yourself to be yourself in your business and the rest will fall into place.



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