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We've all had that client.

The one you had an awkward feeling about from the start.

Who bartered you for a discount, asked for more than you could provide or just generally messed you about.

The one that dropped chips over your studio floor, let their kids run riot and didn't seem to value your time one bit. The client who made you doubt yourself and want to prove something to them all at the same time (weird, huh). The client that was never happy.

The client who, if you bumped into them again on the street, you'd literally run backwards from, spilling your shopping, arms flailing, trying to jam a paper bag over your head.



The myth that you need to appeal to anyone and everyone to keep your business going is such a strong belief in the photography industry!

You may have the urge to appeal to as many potential clients as possible… The thought of excluding anyone who is willing to pay you for a shoot seems crazy, right?

I was the same. So long as they had a wallet and a pulse, I'd take the booking, didn't matter what it was for. If they pushed me for a discount I'd cave because... well, maybe they wanted more than I could provide and I just wanted to make them happy.

Besides, saying NO is so stupidly hard right? It's damn near terrifying and feels to awkward to even think about. 

Having you bank balance nearing zero is enough to make any of us panic over clients.

So what do we do when we panic? We hit the buy and sell or baby groups on facebook, touting our discounted session but hearing only the sound of crickets in return.

We run a competition for a free session, but get no tangible bookings off the back of it.

We spend 2 days straight designing a flyer on canva to print and sneak in piles into shop dressing rooms and doctors surgeries...

But all we hear is the sound of tumbleweed rolling across our barren inbox.

Why does this happen?

Is it because you're a shit photographer or there is too much competition?


It's because you are trying to appeal to everyone and in the process, you are appealing to no one.



You've only got to notice a post in a local selling group looking for a photographer to realise just how many cookie-cutter photography businesses there are in your area. Each trying to out-do the other on pricing and practically begging the clients to choose them with an enticing offer.

Do you really belong in that mix? Is it worth trying to compete with everyone in one area?


Rebel from this mindset.

Break the mold.

Set yourself apart from the others.

Not attracting everyone and anyone is actually healthy for your business, as this leaves you free as a bird to create your branding and wording to only appeal to the clients you actually want to book.

The double bonus is, you will also repel those who are not a good fit for you (win win wiiiiiiin).



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