Are you qualified to be a professional Photographer?

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"You aren't good enough. Who do you think you are? You don't have any qualifications and it's not like you've studied your butt off to get here. You don't deserve to be a photographer... Stop pretending you can do this."
- Sincerely, your self-sabotaging Brain

Truth Bomb: Your little empire can only progress as far as you allow it to.

What gives you the right to call yourself a professional?

 Are you qualified to run a successful photography business?

Or should this really be just an expensive hobby?



In the beginning, I often questioned my ability at being able to get through the day unscathed, let alone running the huge photography business I'd thrown myself into.

This free printable 13 page e-guide will help you figure out your very own unique set of qualifications that not only set you aside from your competition, but put you MILES ahead without years of training or learning anything new.


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