The Business Buddy

Photography Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet

The "Business Buddy" is a powerful spreadsheet calculator for portrait and session photographers that converts your figures into real-time business goals. Never again worry about what to charge, because The Business Buddy figures it all out for you. All you need is Microsoft Excel on Mac or Windows, or Google Sheets (online) to use this savvy spreadsheet to finally set your pricelist, so you never have to question your prices again.

  • Automatic Spreadsheet for use with Excel or Google sheets

    *not compatible with Mac numbers

  • Versions for Dollars, Pounds and Euros (but it doesn't really matter what currency you use, the figures will be the same regardless!)

  • Tutorials Included PDF workbook guide included in your download. You can watch the step-by-step video online any time you like.


Not sure how to price your photography sessions, shoots or products?

you have a lot to offer in this world, DON'T SELL YOURSELF SHORT. There is no shame in earning a fabulous living doing something you love and providing an incredible service to your clients.

It can be hard and overwhelming knowing how to set your prices. Especially if you have a tendency to feel guilty or undervalue your work.

The Business Buddy Photography Pricing Calculator is designed for those who need to earn an income from their photography. 

By entering your figures into this savvy spreadsheet, you will be able to build a picture of your business, work out your advertising budget, see where you need to make changes and start to value what you do.  From how many sessions you need a month, to how much you should charge for products, it's all here, no corners are cut in the Business Buddy Photography Pricing Calculator. 

There is no time like right now to finally get on top of everything and turn your photography business into a profitable brand.

The Business Buddy has it all figured out for you.


You simply enter the figures asked (i.e. your income, the prices of your sessions, how many hours you'd like to work a week and most importantly, how much money you want to earn) into the white boxes. The BB figures out the rest for you and presents you with the prices to charge, the hours you work and SO much more!


To use the Business Buddy at it's best, it's important you download Microsoft Excel onto your Mac or PC. This is available on a 1-month trial if you do not own it. You can also use the Business Buddy with Google Sheets (free online). Please note, this is not compatible with Mac Numbers. 

What's Included?


A 6 page Pricing Calculator for photographers with instructions and easy navigation. All you do is enter your figures in the white boxes when asked.


This 18 page guide takes you through step-by-step how to use and get the best out of the Business Buddy Photography Pricing Calculator spreadsheet.


Watch the walk through video lesson anytime you like online in the Video Tutorial Library. Lauren walks you through step-by-step.

Download the

Business Buddy

Photography Pricing Calculator

(and finally make set your photography prices where they should be!)