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Wanderlust Vision Seeker

Well hello there Wanderlust, it's nice to meet you!

You're a photographer who is loving the world of location, lifestyle, and outdoor photography right now, with a spirit of curiosity and a desire to capture the essence of your subjects.

Though it seems to the outside world you haven't been at it long, you've had this creativity running through you veins for as long as you can remember. 

Now you're finally fully embarking on a journey that holds endless possibilities for you - isn't it exciting!

You see your camera as a tool for discovery. Each click captures moments that embody the beauty of your subjects in outdoor environments - with all the rhythms of life that go with the territory. 

As you navigate the stages of your photography career (with an ever growing kit-list) you're drawn to natural light and the magic of portraying individuals at their most authentic, in beautiful settings.

While you continue to refine your skills and find your creative voice, remember that every photograph you take adds to the story of your evolving narrative: The only photographer you should compare yourself to is the one you were yesterday. 

Your connection with your subjects and the natural world is evident in your work. Whether it's urban streets, vast landscapes, or the corner of a garden, you can capture stories that resonate with your subjects through own unique perspective.

As you continue your journey, your dedication to learning and your inspired visions will undoubtedly lead you to uncover new depths of artistic expression in your work. You're one to watch, Vision Seeker!

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Photographers, you can take this Quiz here to see your own results.

Hi Wanderlust Vision Seeker!

Accurate? Share your results below! 

Photographers, you can take this Quiz here to see your own results.


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