Photography Pricing Calculator | the Business Buddy Spreadsheet
Photography Pricing Calculator | the Business Buddy Spreadsheet

Photography Pricing Calculator | the Business Buddy Spreadsheet

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The Business Buddy is a powerful spreadsheet Photography Pricing Calculator for portrait and session photographers that converts your figures into real-time business goals.

*For use with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets*

*not compatible with mac numbers*

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This is the year you get on top of everything and turn your photography into a profitable brand! 

It can be hard and overwhelming knowing how to set your prices... especially if you have a tendency to feel guilty or undervalue your work. From how many sessions you need a month, to how much you should charge for products - it's all here, no corners are cut in the Business Buddy.

You will be able to build a picture of your business, work out your advertising budget, see where you need to make changes... It looks kind of nice too (well as far as an Excel spreadsheet goes that is).

The Business Buddy is designed for those who need to earn an income from their photography - if you already have a good household income that covers your expenses, then please note this will send the Buddy into the minus figures - this is to be viewed as a guide only.

If you'd like to get your hands on THE LSP Business Buddy, please do pop it in your basket and watch the Video Tutorial for a complete overview of how to use your Business Buddy.

The Business Buddy can only help you if you are willing to put the time into entering your figures. Be realistic and don't be afraid of your goals; there is no shame in earning a fabulous living doing something you love and providing an incredible service to your clients! It is so easy to ignore the business side of things, especially where money is concerned. You owe it to yourself and your clients to have a smooth-running business model.

To use the Business Buddy at it's best, it's important you download Microsoft Excel. This is available on a 1-month trial if you do not own it. See: which is more than enough time to use the BB to calculate your figures and print out. Microsoft Office is available on a monthly plan, similar to Creative Cloud, so you can also purchase it on a rolling contract.

To use the Business Buddy in Google Sheets go here: (though the calculator will not run as smoothly, it is at its best with all features working in Excel)

 * The Business Buddy has been designed using the most recent Excel release. I cannot personally vouch how it will display in older versions of excel 

* It has been designed for portrait/session photographers only and not designed towards Weddings. 

* Currencies provided are in GBP pounds, Dollars and Euros. You can change to a different currency by hand if you want to. Whatever the currency symbol, this does not affect the figures.

How to use the LSP Business Buddy

These written instructions are also included with your download as a PDF.

Please also see the Video Tutorial.

After purchasing, a download link will be sent to your email.

1. Download the LSP Business Buddy Calculator and open the folder. Open up the Business Buddy with Microsoft Excel (you can download a 1 month free trial if you do not own this program). The Business Buddy also comes with an open version for opening online in Google Sheets, though this may not display and run as well as your Excel version so I would always recommend Excel.

2. There are 6 tabs to go through in the Business Buddy. Please read the instructions on each page and add the information as completely and accurately as you can. You can go back and tweak/change the numbers if you wish. Please ONLY type in the white boxes.
  • Page 1 > YOUR BUSINESS IN OVERVIEW: This is where the results are calculated for you. 
  • Page 2 > MONTHLY EXPENSES: Please be as accurate as you can. This may take you some time but my gosh it's worth it. 
  • Page 3 > WORKING HOURS: Enter the hours you work/aim to work per month, per session. 
  • Page 4 > DESIRED INCOME: How much would you like to earn per month after expenses?
  • Page 4 > TAX: If you pay tax, add the percentage here (I can only work out a rough figure for you, bear in mind your product costs may be tax deductible as well as other outgoings. VAT/MOSS and other taxes are not calculated in the LSP BB.
  • Page 5 > SESSION FEES: Enter the relevant information in the boxes that apply to you. You can rename the gray title boxes if needed. 
  • Page 6 > YOUR CURRENT PRICES: If you do packages, add the info into the package boxes. Only type in the white boxes that apply to your business and change the titles if needed. 
  • Page 6 > Products: Rename as required, start with the smallest products you do and work your way down the list adding any products you do (or perhaps would like to add for future clients).
3. You can then go back to page 1 to see the results. Save a copy and change/tweak as often as you like. This is a powerful tool for estimating your business figures, your costs and how many sessions you need per month to achieve your business goals.