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Harmonious Dreamer!

You're a talented and enthusiastic Wedding photographer, with a whole world of love stories ahead of you!

Though your camera is your creative tool, and every click is a step towards capturing beautiful moments - your main strength lies in your client communication skills. You really do connect with them, and they adore you for it.

You put your couple's minds at rest before the big day, and make sure you do whatever it takes to get every shot required (and more!). 

Your photos reflect the dreams and hopes that fill their hearts on their big day.

Right now you're on the journey of a lifetime. Learning and growing with every wedding you shoot. Your portfolio is filled beautiful stories you've helped capture and the promise of many more to come (and your kit bag is growing by the day!)

Weddings are hard work, Harmonious, but SO rewarding!

You're on an exciting path. Keep pursuing your passion, learning, and creating beautiful memories.

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