Do you feel like you're going in circles trying to progress your photography business?


Focus Darling The successful Photographers goal setting planner and guide

The Successful Photographer's


The exact step-by-step road map you need to reach your photography business goals, every time, without the doubt, confusion or overwhelm


What would you do if you had a clear roadmap that demystified the exact process you need to achieve any-size goal?

Sell more wall art? Book more clients? Move to that stunning new studio you've been dreaming of? Improve your photography skills? Upgrade your lens? Get that new Macbook? Or FINALLY finish your website?

As creatives, we all have BIG dreamy dreams... but turning those dreams into effective strategies is a different story 🫣

The problem is, without a clear roadmap, those goals can end up feeling like an insurmountable challenge... a bit like climbing Everest without the oxygen tank. These gorgeous plans soon get pushed to the end of your to-do-list when editing, admin and shooting take over. Even knowing which goals to be working on right now to progress your business is hard.

You and your family DESERVE for your Photography Business to be successful (not stressful). But how do you get there?

The fact is, to grow your business you need a tried-and-true, clear and simple approach that consistently moves you toward your goals.

And that's where this guide fits into your life.

With goal setting printables and worksheets included, you'll have all the tools you'll ever need to reverse-engineer your goals into manageable steps you’ll actually be excited to implement, so you can achieve those dreams - big and small 😍 

Here's what's included in your Goal Setting Guide Planner:

All you need is this guide, a dream, and a pen.

  • PDF E-Book to guide you through our proven process that takes you from "big dreamy goals" to "easy to implement actions."

  • Stay focused and motivated with our “Intention Break-down” so you can finally put an end to procrastination.

  • 10 meticulous printable goal planner pages in order (because, nothing beats pen and paper when it comes to making plans!)

  • Replace overwhelm with clarity - build your roadmap to success and consistently smash those beautiful goals!

Here at Focus Darling, with my amazing business partner Giulia, we’re on a mission to empower fellow photographers to build wildly profitable studios that are also BEAUTIFULLY fun to run. If I can do it, trust me, so can you! Time to build the successful photography business of your dreams, whatever stage you're at.

Hi, I'm Lauren.

Photographer, cheese addict, creator of LSP Actions and the world's most OK mom. 

If there is one thing I've learnt from parenting four businesses and running four children (whoops, reverse that) it's this: without a clear plan of action, it's difficult to know which goals you need to be working on at any one time, so you end up spinning your wheels procrastinating. Not to mention it's near on impossible to actually make the progress we need in our business to become as successful as we want to be.

This is why I've created the Successful Photographer's Goal Setting Planner for you, using the exact method and road-map I use to keep moving my businesses forward (and to make sure I don't lose my mind in the process). 

Have fun smashing those goals and progressing your business, my talented friend! I'd love to hear all about it in our group 

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So, Ready to Discover The Secret to Successfully Achieving Any Goal In Your Photography Business?

Don't waste any more time running in circles and feeling overwhelmed when trying to achieve your photography business goals.

Download this E-Book on successful goal setting secrets in your photography business, complete with a beautiful printable goal planner, so you can turn every “big dreamy goals” into your everyday reality.