Are you Qualified to be a professional Photographer?

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"You aren't good enough. Who do you think you are? You don't have any qualifications and it's not like you've studied your butt off to get here. 

You don't deserve to be a photographer... Stop pretending you can do this."

- Sincerely, your Brain


I'm the kind of walking disaster who falls up stairs, tries to exit cars with my seat-belt still on and will call even my closest relatives by the wrong name (just the other week, I did an entire newborn session with a cheerio stuck to my butt)

In the beginning, I often questioned my ability at being able to get through the day unscathed, let alone running such a huge business: I do not have a university degree nor a background working up a ladder, so naturally I felt like a fraud in an industry full of professionals.

BUT, I managed to break-free from the mindset that I needed to be someone else and decided to be myself... flaws and all and I saw my business boom.

Just by making one small switch in the way I thought. This shift led me to making bolder decisions, feeling comfortable with my prices and totally took the confusion out of what I needed to do next.

If you are someone who struggles to totally believe in herself then this will reflect in small ways throughout your business, like a weed secretly growing in a beautiful flower garden. 

The most important aspect of running any business is to have ultimate faith in yourself and what you can achieve... but this is especially important in Photography.

Stop comparing yourself to others and don't ever doubt your abilities that not only you can do this, but you are worth more than you realise.

Knowing your way around a camera is essential of course, safety training is a must (especially in newborn photography). The legal business practices have to be in place.

BUT (a big cheerio decorated butt) there are some things you cannot train or qualify in and these skills are actually more important than anything else.

You can go through all the training and study for all the qualifications in the world, yet your business will still fail if you don't embrace your own unique personality. These personal attributes, my friend, are what will ultimately be the binding force of your whole business.


Remember, your business is here BECAUSE of your personal journey, not in spite of it.

Allow yourself to be yourself in your business and the rest will fall into place.

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