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As a photographer, having an empty calendar sucks!

At certain times of the year, those slow seasons can feel like an eternity, leaving us tempted to sink into a pool self-doubt (or wallowing in yet another tub of chocolate ice cream).

In this exclusive Facebook™ group E-guide, we've curated a collection of 45 essential ideas and tips to supercharge your productivity during those 'empty calendar' stretches so that when the bookings pick up you’ll be leveled up and primed to go!


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Let's turn downtime into a powerhouse of growth for your photography business ✨

Hi Photographer Friend!

We’re Lauren & Gi - two business brains on a mission empower our fellow photographers to build wildly successful studios that are also BEAUTIFULLY fun to run.

Over the last decade, our paths through the photography industry have taken us to running successful studios, coaching hundreds of photographers and building the industry-award-winning global home of Photoshop actions and editing tools over at LSP Actions.

We've been in your shoes. Your problems are our problems and we’ve worked hard to find solutions so you don’t have to. 

Focus Darling is our way of sharing our knowledge and our easy-to-use, insanely awesome tools that we know will help you grow your photography into a more successful business that is easier (and way less stressful) to run. [Read more about Focus Darling]