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Hi Friend.

If you are someone who struggles to totally believe in themself, then this will reflect in small ways throughout your life and business, like a weed secretly growing in a beautiful flower garden. 

I'll cut right to the chase: Ever heard of Imposter syndrome? It’s like feeling a fraud, no matter how hard you try or how much you improve. Like the counterfeit note in a stack of bills. Like every other photographer is progressing in their business faster and more beautifully than you are.

This feeling of inadequacy can grow until it takes over. The most important aspect of running any professional business is to have ultimate faith in yourself and what you can achieve... 

But how do you get there when you feel you're not qualified enough to call yourself a professional photographer yet?

"There are some things you cannot train or qualify in. There are the skills that actually define your photography business"


What's Inside The Guide?

  • Discover Your Unique Qualifications: Find out what sets you apart from the rest and use it to your advantage. Afterall, it isn't our similarity to other Photographers that ensures our survival, it is our differences.

  • Why you shouldn't be Frankentog: Get to know what Frankentog is, and why you should avoid becoming this cookie-cutter monstrosity at all costs!

  • 20 Page Guide Including Worksheets: Hi, I'm Lauren. Inside I share my own journey for overcoming imposter syndrome and why it's essential for your photography business to not only survive, but THRIVE.

  • Why is it free? Because you deserve to make this work, without feeling like an imposter! Your experience in the University Of Life so far is what makes your business brilliantly unique. So let's unlock this for you so you can grow your business to the next stage from the inside out. You deserve to believe in that self confidence that will drive you forward. 

Here at Focus Darling, with my amazing business partner Giulia, we’re dedicated to empowering fellow photographers to build the successful photography business of their dreams. If I can do it, trust me, so can you! 

Hi, I'm Lauren.

Photographer, cheese addict, creator of LSP Actions and the world's most OK mom. 

Inside this 20 page ebook, written from the heart, I’ll let you into a bit of my "Frankentog" back-story and why I wasn’t always the confident photographer and business owner I’m grateful to be today. 

Inside I share with you WHY you have to let YOURSELF in to your 

business so it can not only survive, but THRIVE! But how do you do that when you feel under-qualified and like an imposter?

I believe we should do something every day to nurture yourself in your business. Today, that means reading this guide.

Your time is now, my talented friend! Does this resonate with you? I'd love to hear all about it here: 

Empower Your Business

Hi Photographer Friend!

We’re Lauren & Gi - two business brains on a mission empower our fellow photographers to build wildly successful studios that are also BEAUTIFULLY fun to run.

Over the last decade, our paths through the photography industry have taken us to running successful studios, coaching hundreds of photographers and building the industry-award-winning global home of Photoshop actions and editing tools over at LSP Actions.

We've been in your shoes. Your problems are our problems and we’ve worked hard to find solutions so you don’t have to. 

Focus Darling is our way of sharing our knowledge and our easy-to-use, insanely awesome tools that we know will help you grow your photography into a more successful business that is easier (and way less stressful) to run. [Read more about Focus Darling]

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