5 Fast & Free Ways to Get More Photography Bookings

this week...

Do you need a quick injection of photography clients RIGHT NOW while you plan for your long term marketing? 

  • Should free sessions really be free?

  • What to do BEFORE booking new clients

  • Meet the The Future Diary (my secret weapon)

  • Pros & cons of competitions 

  • Why no urgency = no bookings!

  • ... and more. Only using tried and tested methods in my own photography business.


Do you need a fast flurry of clients ASAP?

In an ideal world, you'd be booked months in advance. We all know the key to a successful, stress-free photography business is to book up client sessions months before they are due in. 

Also, getting to know your clients way before their session and sharing in their journey helps to build that important bond... but what about right now?

If your inbox is pinging from the sound of crickets, rather than client enquiries then we have a problem. If your diary has more doodles than bookings, well darling that's depressing! Sure, having a solid plan in place to get those bookings months in advance is all well and good, but right now you need a quick fix. 

If getting an injection of prompt, new bookings is the immediate, pressing thought that keeps you awake at night, then don't worry. We're going to tackle that in this guide.

  • Stop the guesswork with 5 actionable steps you can take this week to get an increase in bookings.

  • Learn which sessions to offer and how to position your offer

  • Why giving a free session can actually work for you

  • What is your future diary and how is this your secret weapon?

  • And what about the urgency everyone talks about?


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Jenny D.
This is brilliant!

This guide is brilliant. Because of this I got 3 bookings for this weekend and another 2 clients for next week, after having no-one booked in since 2 weeks ago. These ideas are genius and so simple, I can't believe I didn't think of them! If you need inquiries, this guide will absolutely help you

What's Included?

PDF E-Guide

A 17 page E-guide packed with actionable tips you can use right away to get a quick injection of photography bookings this week.


Come and join our friendly group of Photographers so you can be part of the community. Discussions, chat and all things photography business.

Because getting a quick injection of clients right now means you can focus on everything you need to to pick that business back up again


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