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PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHY session planner toolkit

Ready to delight your clients with a seamless experience & session plan? Meet your New Printable BFF.

Simply print out these Eco "done for you" PDFs and dive in to the Ultimate photo session workflow, every time.


Ever wished you had a clear, easy-to-manage plan for every single client session?

As photographers we want to delight our clients with a memorable, bespoke experience from day 1.

However, managing all the moving parts of our sessions (from consultation to referrals) can take a lot of “head space” (and time!) unless you have a simple, clear system to keep everything organized.

But there’s more... A clear plan will also help you feel more confident and prepared, so you can handle the entire process without stress (even with all the unexpected that sometimes happen during sessions).

With years of professional photography experience distilled into an easy-to-use format, simply download, print and you're ready to go with organized sessions.

This isn't about adding more to your plate; it's about making every aspect of your work more manageable without having to spend your last nerve learning any new processes.  

So if you're ready for a more organized, less stressful way to plan your work our Planning Toolkit is for you. Just print, prep and go!

Flawless Session Organization?

It's as easy as 1-2-3 with this Ultimate Printable Toolkit.

  • Covers entire client journey

  • 12 Session Genres Included

  • Easy To Print & File (just whip them out each session)!

  • 45+ pages of effortless "done for you" planning.

What's Inside?

Your bulletproof map for flawless session planning

(Say HELLO to organizational heaven).

    Begin each client's journey with clarity and confidence (no more consultation mind-blanks) with the base info and questions you need.


    Work down the checklist to be sure you have everything covered with ease. Never miss a beat from the first hello to the final gallery. 


    Tailored for each genre. Your Session Prep printable has everything needed in a fill-in-the-blanks format so you can prep the shoot in style.


    Execute your smooth posing flow so every session runs like a breeze. Whatever your genre, you have these sheets at your fingertips.


    Fill in the blanks straight after the shoot in minutes, so you can follow up with an SEO-friendly blog recap when the editing is done and the gallery delivered. Never find yourself struggling with what to write in a client's blog again.

12 Session Styles Included

Because we know one size doesn't fit all, and different shoots can require different planning:

  • Family

  • Mini Sessions (with extras)

  • Fine-Art Portrait

  • Cake Smash

  • Boudoir 

  • Weddings (with extras)

  • Newborn

  • Milestone

  • Pet & Equine

  • Maternity

  • Lifestyle & Location

  • Other Sessions (tailor as you need)


WORTH $22.00

  • PRINTABLE SESSION CALENDARS (worth $10) ~ Print them out, tack them into your binder. Instantly see your dates and months right in front of you (then add to your iCal later).

  • MONTHLY SESSION PRINTABLES (worth $7) ~ Your bookings this month at a glance, including easy checks for outstanding contracts, deposits, session type and more!

  • REFERRALS & CREDIT TRACKERS  (worth $5) ~ Do you offer a referral scheme for your clients? Easily track who referred who, and which rewards/discounts you’re offering to your clients. Nurturing your referrals is proven to be 10 x MORE EFFECTIVE than cold leads. Easily keep track & follow up with this handy printable.

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How to use these printable workflows to streamline your client sessions:

  • Download & Save these PDF files (sent to your email)

  • Print the eco-friendly session packs relevant to you. 

    (Newborn? Wedding? Fine-Art? Family? Mini Session? Pet...?) 

  • Pop in your binder, in genres, ready to pull out for every new client with ease. (I keep mine in  clear wallets along with the client contract so I can grab them instantly and go).

  • Organized in workflow order, simply grab your favourite pen and dive in!(is it weird to be obsessed with a specific pen? Asking for a friend…)

Hi friend, I'm Lauren.

Designed by photographers, for photographers: This ISN'T  just another set of planning sheets…

As a busy photographer, mom, and business owner, I’m pulled in all directions. Sometimes it's easy to forget small details that go a long way to creating that client-flow experience we want from start to finish.

So I designed these EXACT printables to use with my own client sessions.

When you’re so busy, juggling multiple roles, balancing photography with other commitments and family life, things can slip. 

We all need tools that save time and simplify our workflow, allowing us to focus more on the creative aspects of our work… not to mention building our business in the right direction.

Over the years I’ve trimmed the fluff on these workflow planners, and added in anything that has cropped up in my own client sessions. So now you don’t have to spend years creating your own formula, like I did.  All the guesswork is done for you here, you only need to follow the leads and fill out the blanks!

With these session organizers in your hand, you’ll never have a mind blank again . This means you can elevate your client workflow, from consultation, to shoot, to blog, in minutes.

Here at Focus Darling, with my amazing business partner Giulia, we’re dedicated to empowering our fellow photographers to build the successful photography business of their dreams. If I can do it, trust me, so can you! 

Frequently Asked

Q: Will these planners fit the specific needs of my photography genre?

Absolutely! Our Session Strategy Kit is designed with versatility in mind, catering to a wide range of photography genres from weddings and newborns to family and fine art. Each planner comes with genre-specific pages, ensuring you have the tools tailored to your unique shooting style.

Q: Will this take up my time getting used to using it?

Not at all! Our toolkit is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to jump right in and start organizing your sessions with ease.

Q: Do I need to do anything differently?

Nope! Our toolkit seamlessly integrates into your current workflow, so you can continue working as usual while enjoying the benefits of enhanced organization and efficiency.

Q: How will these printables save me time and improve my workflow?

Our printables are crafted to streamline your session planning, shot listing, and client management. By having a structured plan in place, you’ll spend less time on administrative tasks, or making it up as you go along, and more time focusing on your client's flow. Expect a smoother workflow and more efficient use of your time.

Q: Do you offer support if I have questions?

Absolutely! We’re here to ensure you get the most out of your planners. Should you have any questions or need guidance, we invite you to our friendly Focus Darling Community group on Facebook. Or pop us an email reply any time!

Q: Are the planners easy to use and customize for my business?

These printables are in PDF format. With checkboxes, areas to fill out the blanks and add your own notes, ease and flexibility are at the core of our design. Designed to be intuitive for photographers of all experience levels.

Q: What if I’m too swamped to try something new right now?

We totally get it - you’re a solo entrepreneur wearing multiple hats at once, with little time for planning and strategy. That’s why we’ve made The Toolkit available for you, as you can dive right in without the steep learning curve.

Q: What makes your session planner printables different from others?

While there are free resources out there, other paid planners, of all shapes and sizes - our Perfect Session Planner Toolkit stands out due to its comprehensive nature, attention to detail, and intuitive flow plan. Created from real-world experience and refined through actual use, these printables offer everything you need in one place.

Q: What's included in the purchase, and are there any ongoing costs?

With your purchase, you'll receive the full Perfect Session Planner Toolkit, including client consultation forms, detailed session planners for various genres, bonus photographer's calendars, and more — all with no hidden fees or ongoing costs. It’s a one-time investment in your business's efficiency and success. Download, keep and print as often as you like!


Organised into genre, eco friendly so you can print in bulk, ready to whip out for each shoot.


Go through each client's journey with clarity and confidence. Simply print, file and fill-out-the blanks (with your favorite pen of course) 


If you're looking for the ultimate easy shoot organization, (that leaves you in complete control),this is it!

DOWNLOAD THE PERFECT session planner toolkit

So, ready to streamline your sessions into organized perfection?


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